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"I've heard great stories from friends about dating and meeting people online, but didn't believe in online dating... this was until I met David. He didn't expect much from dating sites either but things completely changed when we met. Naturally, we got to know one another at a deeper level and discovered how perfect we were together. David is now my husband to be and we are now planning our wedding. I've heard about many successful relationships starting from online dating and wish I would've joined earlier. Thanks to, I've found my true love and look forward to a life time of happiness." - Wendy T.

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Absolutely not! Anyone, no matter what race, is welcome to join. was made for all people looking to date, meet, and connect with Asians. Our members area is filled with people of all races from all around the world!


While was the first true Asian dating site of its kind, we do know that others have tried to copy our approach, and we thank them because their efforts have always motivated us to continue to innovate and evolve our own community every day so that it can always be the best possible dating platform for all of our visitors and members.

For starters, unlike many other dating sites, only takes a few minutes to join. Why waste time filling out arduous paperwork and answering silly survey questions on other sites when you can get started on and begin browsing for new dates right away?! Some sites try to convince you they have a magic formula for finding the perfect match, but the truth is that you are the one best able to find compatible people who fit your private lifestyle. All you need is access to our powerful dating tools and the personal profiles of millions of prospective matches so that you can narrow them down to find exactly the kind of man or woman you are looking to meet. We do it better than any other website!

IS ASIAN.COM A FREE DATING SERVICE? is always 100% FREE to join. That's right, you can simply create your own account absolutely free and become a member of our growing Asian online community immediately. It takes just a few clicks to set up your own account, fine tune your dating profile, optionally upload some photos and videos of yourself, and then join the millions of Asian women and men already using!

With free one on one chat, the ability to participate in group chat discussions, private writing access and helpful blogs full of time-saving dating tips, is a complete dating resource that can help you find better dates more quickly and efficiently than you ever imagined. Search for people who share common interests, activities and hobbies with you. Do you want to meet an Asian wine lover? Singles who enjoy cooking, karaoke, dancing, going to movies, being outdoors, staying fit or simply curling up to read and discuss a great new book? The key is compatibility, and with a growing member base that already exceeds more than 7.5 million active profiles, you will always get the most out of Asian online dating, every single time you log into the site, so be sure to bookmark us now.

The community includes open-minded Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai, Filipino and multi-racial people of mixed descent (also caucasion and black). It also includes many people of other Asian nationalities and a great number of profiles created by individuals who preferred not to list any specific Asian heritage. Many of our members are multi-cultural and are fluent in multiple languages. Interracial dating and pan-Asian relationships have also become increasingly common.

Our members come from all walks of life, including successful businessmen and executive women, students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, retirees and charitable volunteers working for good causes. The thing that everyone shares in common is a willingness to meet new people, share interesting ideas and express the things that make us all so interesting and unique.

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